Which tasks can I book a CareDriver for?
CareDriver offers supervised rides for children, seniors and disabled people.
When can I book a CareDriver?
The availability of our CareDrivers is based on our opening hours from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 6 pm. Please ask us individually if your planned trip is outside these hours.
Additionally there is the possibility to book in Hamburg between 7am and 18pm and from June even on weekends.
Do I have to fulfill certain requirements in order to book or use CareDriver?
If you want to book a CareDriver as a private person, you must be of legal age and capable of acting. On the other hand, users of the service can be children, adolescents and adults with or without care needs or disabilities.
How do I book a CareDriver?
You can book our service comfortably in our App or online on our website, alternatively we are available to you by phone under +49 89 69396109 in Munich and +49 40 537987575 in Hamburg for any support.
How long in advance can I cancel a booking for free?
Up to 24 hours before the agreed start time, both you as a customer and we at CareDriver can cancel an order free of charge and without liability for damages.. As a customer you can also cancel the order up to two hours before the start time for a fee of 50 percent of the cost. Later, a cancellation is unfortunately no longer possible and we have to charge the full price.
How do I pay for the service?
We offer the following payment options: credit card and invoice.
How do we choose our CareDriver?
Our CareDrivers undergo a three-stage selection process. First, we check whether the applicant has had a driving license and a valid passenger transportation licence for at least three years. We also ensure that our future CareDriver will be on a test drive with our quality manager, has no points in Flensburg, has a clean police certificate and a positive Schufa information.
The candidate must agree to our CareDriver rules, which include a code of ethics and a privacy policy. Second, we examine personality and professional knowledge: experience in working with children or senior citizens, social and communicative skills. Finally, we perform a background check through research in social networks and media.
Are the CareDrivers insured during their work?
Yes, all CareDrivers are fully insured - in the car and outside - throughout the job.
Are the CareDriver vehicles equipped with child seats?
Yes, if required, we provide free baby seats in various sizes and shapes.
Who is MOIA?

MOIA is a young mobility company of Volkswagen AG, which offers mobility services in urban areas. The MOIA Ridesharing Service aims to bring city users directly from A to B. The intelligent algorithm of the system ensures that users who have a similar path travel together and that the vehicles of MOIA are not without passengers.
How do I reach MOIA?
MOIA Customer Support can be contacted in writing at any time via the contact form . In addition, from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 9pm, you can contact MOIA on the fixed line tariff on +49 40/699 19 000.

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